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17 Nov 2012


HAVE YOU ever thought of something and said to your self, "Hey, I think that would make an awesome game!" I'm sure it has. Now, have you ever wished that SOMEONE would make that game for you?

Here's your chance to go and express that idea, with Scratch!

Scratch is an easy to use basic programming software designed to teach anybody the basics to programming.  In my opinion, Scratch is the best game creator out there because, not only is it easy to use, it's not too oversimplified like other game programmers like Kodu Labs.

Scratch is developed by MIT so you know that its safe to use!

If you'r not sure about using scratch, then just checkout the scratch website and see projects that other wannabe programmers have created.

14 Aug 2012

12w32a Command Blocks


In this post I am going to show you how to program a command block, and what other uses it has.
To start you are going to grab it using the give command. Use:

/give astrogibson 137

The command block should pop out as if you have thrown it on the ground from your inventory. Pick it up and place it anywhere as if it was a normal block.

When you are ready, right click on it and a command GUI should open.

the Command Block GUI

18 Jun 2012

All snapshot News (week 24 and under)


There are many videos on Youtube that cover the weekly snapshots, but it is hard to keep track of all the different updates! I decided that I would go over everything added since the 1.2.5 release.

14 May 2012

YouTube channel


I will try to add videos to my previous posts as well as some new ones. I am currently working on a start animation that will show on the beginning of al my YouTube posts.

Captain Astro out.

20 Apr 2012

The Block Detector

Hello!  I’m back from my vacation!

I have decided to make some more Redstone devices in the next few upcoming posts. If you want to know how to make anything at all, just drop a comment in one of my posts.

The Block Detector
The block Detector is a redstone device that requires a 2x6 space. 3x7 if you want to hide it. What it does is it sends a redstone signal when you place or remove a block. This is great for traps, secret doors, flood detectors and machines that use pistons.

Here’s how to make one!
What you will need: 4 redstone, 1 piston (sticky), 3 cobblestone (can be any block), 1 wooden plank (can be any block), and one repeater.

15 Mar 2012

Nyan cat THE GAME!

Here it is!

I know this isn't minecraft but its still pretty cool!
I used a game creating program called scratch to make this Nyan Cat game. You fly through space and shoot vegetables with muffins! I think it is more fun than the official game. Scratch is made by M.I.T and is fun and easy to use. I hope you enjoy!

Made by yours truly, Captain Astro!
Captain Astro out.

8 Mar 2012

Skeleton Trap


I made a trap that would lure skeletons in and drown them. With the 1.2 update in the day skeletons would run to shade or water to stop themselves from burning. When day comes they run into the nearest shaded spot, my trap. They get stuck and a new ledge opens to shade the other skeletons. When the first one dies in my trap, the ledge closes making the others run into it. It opens the ledge again and so on.